Frankston South Home architect built

Frankston South Home


Frankston South Home

Restoring a house to its former glory; improving the design, sustainability and liveability on the way.

The Frankston South house was in a dilapidated condition and required restoration.  The design required making the most of the existing building and salvaged materials.  Any new construction had to be minimized to keep within budget.  The architectural design for this building transformed it into a beautiful home with improved liveability, utilizing recycled materials and building elements into the existing building to facilitate an economically built sustainable home.

A Brief Description

BP Architects, experts in green architecture, ensured that the original character of the house was retained during the renovation. Each addition and modification was completed while maintaining the architectural style of the existing building.  Efficient and effective remodelling of the interior of this home, transformed it into a user friendly home, resulting in only a small addition at the rear of the house.

Detailed Feature Description

The sustainability of the design included designing in certain building components that the clients had sourced, such as second-hand bay windows, to let the light in, and provide seating for contemplation of the serene views of the surrounding nature. Use of recycled windows and recycled timber, for the deck and veranda posts, were economical options, as was remodelling and reusing the existing kitchen cupboards and using recycled marble bench tops.

BP Architects re-designed the existing floor plan of the house to make the house more liveable.  The interior of the house was redesigned and remodelled in order to suit the lifestyle of the residents.

Stone retrieved from the garden was used to construct the external paving and stairs.  The successful merging of new construction and modifications with the old building resulted in a home that looked like it always should.

The Weather Conditions

The Frankston South home sits on Oliver’s Hill with views of Port Phillip Bay.  It is in a protected suburban location and surrounded with leafy gardens.

Energy Efficiency

BP Architects worked with the clients and their needs in using second hand and recycled materials in an environmental friendly way. The final design of the house not only achieved its former glory in appearance but fulfilled the energy efficient needs of a contemporary sustainable home.


BP Architects modifications of this home required consideration about enhancing the original aesthetic of the house. Most of the remodelling was completed using second hand, re-used, salvaged and recycled materials that suited the character of the house. The addition of the deck and verandah was in keeping with the architectural character of the home.

By the time that their house was finished, neighbours could not believe that all was done on a limited budget. The clients spent a small fraction of what their neighbour’s thought they had spent.

You must have spent millions” neighbours of Frankston House said.

The Frankston South Home is just another addition to the successful home designs by these award winning architects.  BP Architects were awarded the Building Services & Construction Award, for their work and the work done on the Frankston South Home, at the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Excellence in Business Awards.

House Size:  184.8sqm

Sustainable Features:

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