Torquay Home


Torquay Home

A sustainable home that pays its own way.

“Sustainability is defined as a requirement of our generation to manage the resource base such that the average quality of life that we ensure ourselves can potentially be shared by all future generations. …Geir B. Asheim, “Sustainability,” The World Bank, 1994

A sustainable home considers many aspects such as passive solar design principles, energy building efficiency and water conservation.  Affordability is another aspect of sustainability.

A Brief Description

Thinking ahead about the future potential of their home, the Clients decided that they needed a beautiful home that was climate ready, and had the ability to separately sub-let part of the house, without compromising their lifestyle.  This would provide extra income without the expense of purchasing another property.  They could live the environmentally friendly life they wanted and sub-let without interfering with their lifestyle.

Detailed Feature Description

Located on the 18 hole championship golf course at The Sands, Torquay, the home provided an ideal location for a sub-let self contained apartment.   The location of the home is perfect for those people who want to enjoy a golfing-holiday in comfort. The surrounding wetlands and waterways, and the nearby surf beach, make it an ideal holiday location.

The Sands Golf Course management has strict design requirements (Building and Environmental Management Code) that require compliance in the design of new houses, including an external material and colour palette.  Designed for low maintenance, Colorbond steel wall cladding was used for the upper levels and rendered brickwork on the lower level.  Large window walls take in views of the surrounds of green fairways and wetlands.

The Torquay home was designed according to sustainable and ecological architecture principles.  Living in a green home reduces the carbon footprint of the residents and allow them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  A separate office on the ground floor provided the Client with a workplace with panoramic views.

The Weather Conditions

Torquay, located in The Surf Coast region, has a temperate climate, with mild and relatively dry summers and cooler and relatively wet winters.   Exposure to winds are  predominantly from a southerly and westerly wind direction.  Winds are strongest in spring and during summer afternoons under the influence of sea breezes.

The Sands is a diverse, unique and integrated residential golf course located adjacent to a sensitive foreshore environment and the Karaaf Wetlands within the Surf Coast Shire.  The Karaaf Wetland contains both wet and dry saltmarsh and is particularly significant because of the adjacent Poa grassland and dunal system.


As award winning architects, BP Architects design healthy, sustainable homes which are not only smart in design, they play a big part in living a healthier lifestyle.  The Torquay home provides an escape to a comfortable peaceful haven for Clients with a busy life.

Homes designed on green architectural principles are not only environmentally friendly.  Energy building efficiency make these green homes economical for their low running costs, making them cost effective in the long term. BP Architects are making a difference and so can you by residing in an ecological building.

House Size:  213.9sqm

Sustainable Features: