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Entrance to West St Kilda House
Entrance to the West St Kilda House


BP Architects Award winning homes

BP Architects have been providing architectural services for 20 years.  And have been recognized for our sustainable home designs having won many Industry Awards.  Our architect designed homes are contemporary in appearance.  They are unique and innovative.  And they have all the benefits that a sustainable home brings.

Our Client’s home designs are energy building efficient home designs.  We specify non-toxic building materials for the construction of these homes.  So that they are low allergy and low chemical houses with good indoor air quality, some of our Clients have told us that their allergy and asthma symptoms have disappeared after they move into their home designed by BP Architects.

Our Clients know that they live a healthy lifestyle as a benefit of living in a healthy sustainable home.  If you want your next home to be a healthy sustainable home or if you are renovating your house and you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home.   Contact Bridget at BP Architects and find out how you can make your home a Healthy Home.


BP Architects’ Architectural Services

We provide the following architectural services.  We can provide you with the full architectural service from start to finish of your new home.  Or if you want, we can produce a sketch design for your new home.


Your Home Design Options Review

You may have questions about what is the best home for you.  And how do you go about getting the right home built for you?  You may have lots of ideas about your Dream Home. At the same time, you might not know anything about home design.  Or this may be the first time you are building or renovating your home.

Why did we introduce the Your Home Design Options Review architectural service?  We have found that it if you have a clear idea of what type of house you want it is easier to get it.  With so many options available it is difficult to know what is right for you.  So with this Review, a qualified Architect visits you in your home and discusses the different design options available to you.  The purpose of the Review is to find out what is the best design solution for you.  And how you can achieve the right home that suits you and your family.

After Your Home Design Options Review, you will have a good idea of how you can proceed with your home project.  And you will have your Dream Home strategy in place.

The Review is the first step towards your Dream Home.  You can discuss matters important to you with an experienced, knowledgeable architect.  Whether you are renovating your home or if you are building a new home.

It provides you with information on how you can get the best outcome for your new home design so that you can make informed decisions to move forward in achieving your Dream Home.

Speak to Bridget at BP Architects on a free 20-minute phone call today. Or to book Your Home Design Options Review.

Your Brief and new home budget

First, we help you work out your dream home Brief based on what is important to you in your home.  The Client Brief provides clear instructions on what is essential in your home.  And what is vital.  Then we help you work out your Budget for your architect designed home.


Site visit

Your home doesn’t sit in isolation.  Even on a large rural property, the landscape is the context or background for your home.  So rather than ignore your immediate environment you want to look for opportunities.  These can enhance the quality of your home design and living experience.  A site visit is a must if you’re going to get the best home designed for you.  It may only be the first initial site visit.  Or it may need a follow-up site visit to get your home design right.

Your home location and the microclimate of your home site have an impact on your home design.  As will your neighbouring buildings.  We go to your home site and work out the best way to design your home given your immediate surrounds.  And the climate of your home site.


Your home concept architectural service

From your Brief, we have an understanding of the essential aspects of your Dream Home. So your architect will use your Brief as the basis of your house design. Whether this design is for your existing home or in your new home.

Our Concept Design architectural service shows you the design ideas for your architect designed home.  It is an easy way to see the ‘big picture’ of your home.  And make sure that all the essential aspects of your home are in place.  As Jan from the Sunbury eco home said


 “Bridget took our ideas and made them so much better”.  Jan, ecoHome, Sunbury



Sketch Design of your new home

After completing the Concept Design architectural service, the next step is Sketch Design.  We have made sure that everything is right in the Concept Design architectural service.  So we progress to the sketch design architectural service where sketch drawings of your floor plans and elevations are drawn up.  You start to see you home taking shape, and your Dream Home ideas come to life.

We then produce Sketch Design drawings to show you more details about your new home.  And you start to see your home taking shape in the proposed plans & elevations.  It’s an exciting time as your architect designed home is beginning to come to fruition.


“We have been very impressed with Bridget’s design – from her first draft to the final product. She has always listened carefully to our suggestions, either amending drafts or providing a better alternative. During the process, we felt that we had “ownership” of the house and its design. At no stage did we feel as though it was the product of an architect’s whim & fancy.” Brian, Cheltenham Home


Sketch architectural services
Sketch of Brian and Julie’s Cheltenham Home



building cost estimation of your new home

Do you worry about going over budget with your new home or home renovation?  Is this something that is stopping you from getting your dream home?  Are you concerned that you don’t know anything about how much building costs?  And this is keeping you up at night.  We understand how you feel.

Your budget is important.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t have your dream home.  A budget means that you know how you are going to fund your home project.  And you want this to be a consideration in the design of your future home.

Before your builder starts building, you can have your building costs estimated.  A Quantity Surveyor or Building Estimator can do this for you.  You can have an estimate of your home project at the end of the sketch design or after documentation.  We assist our Clients in obtaining a building estimate for their new home.

Your building costs estimation provides you with information so you can make informed decisions.  If your building cost estimation is higher than you budgeted for you may need to change the design.  Or reduce the builder’s Scope of Works.



“The approximate cost she detailed was very close to some of the quotes we received from builders.  We have successfully managed to find a builder of good repute who is able to build our house within our budget. Our dream is now becoming a reality! We have a design that suits us personally & are looking forward to seeing it completed this coming year.”  Brian, Cheltenham Home


Cheltenham Home, Sketch drawing architectural services
Cheltenham Home, Sketch drawing of the north elevation



Design development Architectural service

After the completion of the sketch design architectural service, the next step is to develop your architect house design.  The Design Development architectural service takes your sketch plan and starts to add detail.  Looking at the construction method of your home and the use of various materials.  Including the fixtures and finishes in your new home.  Information that the builder needs to know when building your new home.


Your Town Planning APPLICATION

Do you know if your Home Project requires Town Planning Approval?  Well, this is something you would want to find out.  Why?  One good reason is that you will not get your Building Permit approved if you need a Town Planning Permit.  And you have not got the approval from Town Planning to do what you want to do to your home.

The documents required for Town Planning are different from Building Permit documents.  Town Planning documents show information for the Town Planner, not the builder.  The drawings show your neighbourhood character and the design approach for your home.  And other Town planning issues.  Such as overlooking and overshadowing of your neighbouring private open spaces.

Sometimes, gaining Town Planning Approval can be difficult.  Complications arise in a Town Planning Application.  Furthermore, any Building Overlays on your Title can further complicate your Application, such as a Heritage Overlay or Special Building Overlay.  If your Title has Building Overlays, your Application needs a particular approach.

If you need a Town Planning Permit, we provide Town Planning architectural services.  We can prepare the comprehensive reports and drawings required for your Planning Permit.  And submit them to your Council’s town planning department on your behalf.

It is a good idea to have an initial design appointment with your Council’s Town Planner.  This way you can get an early response from your Town Planner to your plans for your home.  We can assist you in facilitating these meetings with our architectural services.  Sometimes there are disputes in what you want and planning requirements.  As part of our architectural services we can help you with alternative solutions and try to resolve these disputes.

Speak to an Architect about your home project and Town Planning requirements.


Energy Efficient House Energy Rating

To get a Building Permit for the home project you need at least a 6-stars house energy rating.  A House Energy Rating Software program calculates the house energy stars.  After information on your home project is fed into the program.  House Energy Stars indicate your homes’ building energy efficiency.  The most number of energy stars a home can get is ten stars.

We make sure that your home design will have at least 6-stars from the very beginning of your home design.  As part of our architectural services we will do an energy rating of your home at design stage.  This way you know that your home will comply with the energy efficiency regulations.


Contract Documentation architectural service

A Building Permit application requires architectural construction drawings and specifications.  Also a House Energy Rating Report of 6-stars or more.  The construction drawings show the materials and structure of your home.  Details on the architectural drawings provide the builder with the information so that they can build your home.  Our architectural services including preparing the drawings and documents required for Building Permit applications.

There are two ways you can apply for a Building Permit.  You can go to a private Relevant Building Surveyor.  Or you can use your local Council’s Building Surveyor.  The building surveyor often asks for more information after you lodge a Building Permit application.  Building Surveyors can ask for more drawings and documentation to ensure compliance.  This additional information is, so the Building Surveyor has documented compliance with the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards.

Construction of your architect designed home will involve many different trades from the electrician to the plumber, carpenter, cabinet maker and so on.  The Construction Specifications provide details for the builder and tradespeople so that they know what to build and the quality of the works.  And also the necessary compliance requirements for the Construction Standards.

We know this process well.  For example, when our Client Brian was getting the quotes for his new Cheltenham home, he found that:

“When approaching builders with the plans and specs provided by Bridget, the builders were impressed with the quality and level of detail in the plans Bridget provided.”  Brian, Cheltenham Home

Brian and Julie kept this lead-light window for years. It features in a special place in their new home.
Brian and Julie kept this lead-light window for years. It features in a special place in their new home.


tendering And negotiating

The next step is to find the builder to build your architect designed home.  You have final Construction Drawings and Specifications.  You can organize some builders to quote on your home project.  When the builder’s price for building your home is the Tendering of your home Project.  Once you get your quotes back, you can go through a selection process.  The tenders help you to choose the right builder for your home project.

When tendering your home project, we can contact builders on your behalf as part of our architectural services.  You want to know you are paying the market price for building your new home. And that the builders are competitive in their pricing. They can be your preferred builders. Or we can source a local builder of good reputation to quote on your project.

If the Builder quotes above your budget, there are many options available. We help our Clients make the right decision for them by providing those with the information that they need to make informed decisions. In short, we can negotiate with the Builder on your behalf.


Contract Administration architectural service

During the construction of your home, we can provide an architectural service where we act as your representative on site.  This phase of your home project is the Contract Administration phase.

The architectural services during Contract Administration includes assisting the builder with additional information.  We provide regular site inspections as part of this architectural service.  If any issues arise during the construction of your home, then we can assist the builder in working out a viable solution.

This way you know that your home will get built to your expectations.  And that the building of your house is according to your documents.  So that you know that you will get the house that you paid the builder to build for you.  And keep you informed along the way.



Need some help to get the home of your dreams?  Our Clients get dedicated help from us in seeing their Dream Home come true.  Above all, we help you create the home of your dreams from the initial idea to the final touches.  Providing you with the architectural services that you need to get your dream home.

We want your journey with us to be seamless, stress-free and 100% satisfactory.  Find out how you can have your Dream Home, the easy way.  Contact BP Architects today!


Watch the video below to find out more about our architectural services and sustainable designed homes.  And learn what makes a house a healthy sustainable home.