Strawbale House designed by BP Architects
Mirboo Strawbale Home in Gippsland
Strawbale House in Gippsland
Sustainable Strawbale House designed by BP Architects
Sustainable Strawbale House Truth window
Interior of Strawbale House showing truth window and deep window reveals


Residential Architectural Services

BP Architects is an award winning architectural design consultancy specializing in contemporary and innovative sustainable home design.  Each new home, or home renovation, is designed for our clients to be energy building efficient home.  Non-toxic building materials are specified so that you know your home will be a healthy sustainable home.  Residential Architects Melbourne, contact us if you would like to speak to us about your plans for your own healthy sustainable home project.

The following is a list of services that we can provide you in assisting you in designing your new home, or home renovation.

Concept & Sketch Design

  • Brief Formulation based on your requirements
  • Concept Design Zoning Diagram
  • Site Analysis studies for maximum solar gain
  • Sketch Design – Proposed Plans & Elevations

Town Planning Submission

  • Documentation for submission to Town Planning Department

Contract Documentation

  • Design Development
  • Contract Documentation for submission to councils and authorities for Building Permit
  • Detailed Contract Documentation for construction purposes

Contract Administration

  • Letting of Tender for construction
  • Administration of Project during construction including site inspections

Energy Efficient House Energy Rating 

  • FirstRate House Energy Star Rating

Each home site has its own microclimate specific to its location.  This will influence the environmental design decisions in maximizing the natural solar heating and solar cooling of a home. Passive solar design is considered at Concept Stage in all of the healthy & sustainable homes we design.  These homes require minimal heating or cooling; mostly during periods of extended extreme hot & cold weather.

The path of the sun is considered in designing homes which result in more comfortable living environments.  Designing for the sun path means that you avoid the discomfort of overheating in summer or the chill in winter.  Apply passive solar design techniques at Concept Stage mean that climate control is integral, enhancing the quality of your home.  Results can be very cost effective, with short payback periods from reduced household energy consumption.

Our sustainable homes are smart in designing for efficient energy & water usage.  Building materials are carefully selected for use in constructing your home for good indoor air quality.  The homes we design allow our Clients to enjoy their natural surrounding environment.

You can live in a beautiful home with modern conveniences with minimal impact on the environment.  The Homes are designed to be economical & flexible in its footprint with a visual connection with its environment.

“I would not believe that the size of the floor area of the house, as it seems so much more spacious, except that I poured the slab myself”, developer of the ecoHome, Sunbury

The air inside a home can be more polluted than the air outside, regardless of whether you live in an urban or rural setting.  Chemicals can be outgassed from building materials and high levels have been measured by CSIRO in new & recently renovated homes in Melbourne.  The materials, finishes & furnishings specified in our designs are selected to have low or no-chemical out-gassing to reduce the likelihood of allergic responses.

“I have not suffered any allergic reaction since moving into my newly completed home”, Bev May, Owner Warragul Home

The sustainable buildings designed by BP Architects give you greater value and more for your money. Daylight, cross-ventilation, and other low-tech measures keep rooms naturally and comfortably lit and ventilated.  Our Building designs cost less to live in and maintain because they are built to be energy efficient and durable.

“So it seems a well-designed & well-built house does indeed provide good thermal performance without any further energy input than the sun, wind, & ceiling fans”. Colin Goodwin, Owner Zero Energy Mirboo Home

A sustainable home doesn’t have to be expensive.  Good design and planning can be cost effective and in some cases may save you money.  For example, it doesn’t cost any more to place a window opening to catch the prevailing breezes than placing it in another part of the house.  Conventional building materials are often specified so there are no cost penalties from builders for using these materials.  Energy efficient homes don’t require sacrifice & they can be a great investment for living & working in a comfortable environment.

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