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BP Architects have won many Awards for their sustainable home designs.  Our architect designed homes are contemporary in appearance.  They are innovative in the design.  And have all the benefits that a sustainable home brings.

We design our Client’s homes to be energy building efficient.  And we specify non-toxic building materials to construct these homes.  So that they are low allergy and low chemical homes.  The indoor air quality in our architect design homes is good.

Some of our Clients have told us that their allergy and asthma symptoms have disappeared.  Subsequent to when they move into their architect designed homes.  Our Clients know that they live a healthy lifestyle in a healthy home.  This is the benefit of living in a healthy sustainable home.

If you want your next home to be a healthy sustainable home.  Or if you are renovating your home and you want to improve on your homes’ energy efficiency.  Contact Bridget at BP Architects and find out how you can make your home a Healthy Home.


BP Architects’ Architectural Services

We provide the following architectural services in designing our Client’s homes.

Firstly, we help you work out your Dream Home Brief based on what is important to you in your home.  Subsequently we help you work out your Budget for your architect designed home

Your home location and the microclimate of your home site have an impact on your home design.  As will your neighbouring buildings.  We go to your home site and work out the best way to design your home given your immediate surrounds.  And the climate of your homesite.

Our Concept Design and zoning diagram show how our design ideas work in your architect designed home.  It is an easy way to see the big picture of your home.  And make sure that all the important aspects of your home are in place.

The Sketch Design drawings show more detail.  And you start to see your home taking shape in the proposed Plans & Elevations.  It’s an exciting time to see your architect designed home starting to come to fruition.



You may need a Town Planning Permit before you can build your Dream Home.  We can prepare the comprehensive Reports and Drawings required for your Planning Permit.  And Submit them to your Council’s Town Planning Department on your behalf.

It is a good idea to have an initial design appointment with your Council’s Town Planner. This way you can get an early response from your Town Planner to your plans for your Dream Home.  We can assist you in facilitating these meetings.  Sometimes there are disputes in what you want and Planning requirements.  We can help you with alternative solutions and try to resolve these disputes.


Contract Documentation

After the completion of the sketch design the next step is to develop the details and house design.  This involves the Design Development of the sketch plan.  Looking at the construction method of your home and the use of various materials.  Including Fixtures and Finishes Schedules which provide the necessary information for the builder.

A Building Permit requires Construction Drawings and Specifications.  And a House Energy Rating Report of 6-stars or more.  The Construction Drawings show the materials and structure of your home.  And provides the builder with the information so that they can build your home.

Your Architect or your Builder can get you your Building Permit on your behalf.  You can go to a private Relevant Building Surveyor.  Or you can use your local Council’s Building Surveyor.  It is normal for the Building Surveyor to request more information.  The Building Surveyor can ask for more drawings and documentation to ensure compliance.

Construction of your architect designed home will involve many different trades.  From the electrician to the plumber, carpenter, cabinet maker and so on.  The Construction Specifications provide details for the builder and tradesmen.  So that they know the required compliance with Construction Standards.  And the quality of the Works.


Contract Administration

The next step is to find the builder to build your architect designed home.  Your Construction Drawings and Specifications are now completed.  You can organize some builders to quote on your home project.  This is the Tendering of your home Project.  Once you get your quotes back you can go through a selection process.  To choose the right builder for your home project.

During the construction of your home, we can act as your representative on site.  This is the Contract Administration phase of your home project.  The Architect provides more information for the builder as required. A nd regular site inspections.  So that the construction of your home is according to the drawings.


eco friendly architect designed homes

Energy Efficient House Energy Rating 

To get a Building Permit for the home project you need at least 6-stars house energy rating. A House Energy Rating Software program calculates the energy stars.  After information on your home project fed into the program.  House Energy Stars only provide an indication of your homes’ building energy efficiency.  The most number of energy stars a home can get is 10 stars.


passive solar design in architect designed homes


The best time to consider Passive Solar Design is at Concept Stage.  We incorporate it into the healthy & sustainable homes we design from the word ‘go’.  And because we do, the homes we design don’t need much heating. Or any cooling.  And may need it when there is a period of extended extreme hot & cold weather.  Some of our Clients only use a portable heater on the colder days of winter.  And only for a couple of hours. Some of our Clients have decided that they want hydronic heating.  And they have found that they have to turn the heating off over winter.

The path of the sun in the sky is different in winter and in summer.  The sun is higher in the sky in summer.  And in winter it has a shorter path and is lower in the sky.  Designing for the sun path means that you can avoid overheating in summer.  And you can capture the winter’s sun to warm your living areas.  The result is a comfortable home which is warm in winter and cool in summer.  Great!


sustainability in architect designed homes


Our sustainable homes are smart in designing for efficient energy & water usage.  Building materials are carefully selected for use in constructing your home for good indoor air quality.  They are flexible in the design so that you optimize the use of your home.

You can live in a beautiful sustainable home with modern conveniences.  And have minimal impact on your environment.  We design inexpensive sustainable homes that have a small ecological footprint.  With a visual connection with your environment.  Allowing our Clients to enjoy their natural surrounding environment.


ecohome, Sunbury, Victoria Australia, designed by BP Architects.
View to solar court, ecohome, Sunbury

“I would not believe that the size of the floor area of the house.  As it seems so much more spacious, except that I poured the slab myself”.  Jan, eco Home, Sunbury


good indoor air quality in architect designed homes


Did you know that the air inside a home can be more polluted than the air outside? Regardless of whether you live in an urban or rural setting.  A CSIRO study on the indoor air quality of new & recently renovated homes in Melbourne found this to be the case.

Measuring the out-gassing of chemicals from building materials.  Recorded high levels of chemicals in the indoor air of recently completed homes.  Building materials can out-gas their chemical content years.  Unless you use the right building materials with low or zero chemical content.  To ensure our Client’s have good indoor quality in their Healthy Homes. We specify low and zero chemical content materials and finishes.  This helps in reducing the likelihood of allergic responses.

Kitchen, Allergy Free Home, Warragul

“I have not suffered any allergic reaction since moving into my newly completed home”. Bev, Warragul Home


energy building efficiency in architect designed homes


Sustainable homes give you greater value and more for your money.  The design of a sustainable home considers natural Daylight and cross-ventilation.  Low-tech design considerations that bring comfort to living in a sustainable home.  Ensuring that your sustainable home has to daylight providing a light and bright interior.  And a home that can respond to changes in the weather changes.  We design for low maintenance so that you can spend your time on the important things in life.

Clerestory windows above Kitchen, Mirboo Strawbale Home

“So it seems a well-designed & well-built house does indeed provide good thermal performance.  Without any further energy input than the sun, wind, & ceiling fans”. Colin, Zero Energy Mirboo Home

A sustainable home doesn’t have to be expensive.  Good design and planning can be cost effective and can save you money.  With short payback periods of a couple of years.  And in some cases, it doesn’t cost any more.  You can choose to place a window opening on the side of your house to catch prevailing breezes.  Rather than placing it on another wall of your home where you don’t benefit from solar passive gains.  You can use conventional building materials and construction to build your sustainable home.  So there are no cost penalties for using non-conventional building materials.

Differences are evident though when you compare a sustainable home and other homes. Natural Sunlight will provide daylighting throughout the sustainable home.  It will feel cozy. As air temperatures in a sustainable home are more consistent.  And you do not get the big swings in temperature from cold to hot in one day.  It will be warmer in winter.  And cooler in summer.  Without air conditioning or a great deal of heating.  And to top this off, this will reflect on the household energy bills.  Add an active solar electric system such as a rooftop photovoltaic system.  And you may have zero energy bills.


benefits of an architect designed home


There are many benefits to having a sustainable home.  It doesn’t detract from the appearance of your home.  The design ideas behind sustainable and energy efficient principles make sense.  The logic is easy to understand. And sensible. Such as hot air rises.  So why not put a window up high on your wall so that you can exhaust the hot air at night time in a secure way.  This window itself will let you have sky views as a feature in its own right.

So energy efficient homes don’t have to look like they came out of the energy crisis of the 1970s.  Even though this was a significant time for designing energy efficient homes.  They can be contemporary and be relevant today.  With all the modern conveniences you want.

You can use any building material in the design of an energy efficient home.  The building material will affect the Passive Solar of the home.  Understanding how allows you to adapt the Passive Solar Design.  Changing the design of the home for the materials used.

Whether you use bricks, bricks veneer, aerated concrete panels, weatherboards or timber cladding.  Or strawbale rammed earth, mudbrick or rendered panels.  Effective energy efficient homes can use any of these building materials.

A sustainable home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some of your lifestyles.  Our sustainable architect designed homes are smart in the efficient use of energy & water usage.  They are a great investment for living in a comfortable home.

Want to know more about our sustainable architect designed homes?  Start a conversation about your Dream Home.  Contact Bridget at BP Architectsand learn how you too can have a sustainable architect designed home.

Watch the video below to find out more about our sustainable architect designed homes.  And learn more about what makes a home a healthy sustainable home.